Balla Innovation Platform


With the fashion forecast, design, R&D and manufacturing capabilities in the field of leather goods handbags, Balla provides fashion chain leather goods services for fashion brands, and has become the preferred leather goods handbags partner for women's, men's and footwear brands, providing exclusive services for fashion supply chains.

Industrial Chain Advantage

Balla dig into fashion ,and has established the advantages of the industrial chain in the fields of leather goods handbag design, material selection, manufacturing, brand marketing and retail.


ODM Customization

Cooperative development – Theme Design – Targeted Development and Proofing Services – Flexible Production – Supply chain fast reverse service


Fashion Matching

Balla is devoted to becoming the fashion creator of leather goods handbags, and a professional partner of fashion brand leather goods handbags.



The Balla Chinese brand road began in 2004,It has many brands such as BALLAROMANCE , BALLAMINI and HARRM`S, and opened franchise stores and brand counters in major cities in China.

Fashion Space

Balla continues to innovate, bringing a rich product experience to fashionistas while presenting a cultural and spiritual journey. In the Balla fashion space, we strive to build a comfortable and enjoyable shopping experience.



Balla opens up an innovative cooperation platform to promote cross-border cooperation among artists, designers and fashion sellers to achieve innovation and value-added.